• Understanding the Janazah

Understanding the Janazah is a must-have for every Muslim family. this educational docudrama video is astonishing, and it represents groundbreaking work in the training for religious communities alike, in regards to the burial process and procedures in accordance with the islamic rituals and rites.

Preparing for death is not easy, and most of us are not ready when the time comes, but in this video, Understanding the janazah, we are guided in practical steps towards proper care for our deceased, starting from the moment the last breath leaves the body, and through the entire process, until the moment the loved ones walk away from the grave. 


3D Animation
Step-by-Step Procedures
Terminology Glossary
Sample of Islamic Will
Footnotes and References
Janzah Supplications
'The Moment of Death' a lecture by Ahmad Khan


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Understanding the Janazah

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