• What's Islam (DVD)

Exciting PowerPoint presentation by Yusuf Estes - The same one used to bring many people to Islam!
Simple - EZ - English explanations of Islam & what it teaches:

- ISLAM - what it really means
- TAWHEED (monotheism) in Islam
- ALLAH Is this "God"? What does it mean?
- Connection to God for all Mankind
- Comparing faiths
- Creation story: Adam, Eve, and Devil
- Innocence of Children instead of guilt
- Eve not blamed for "original sin"
- Role of Satan and who he really is
- Life as a test and the Next life is the reward
- Discussion of prophets (Job, Jonah, Jesus & Muhammad peace be upon them)
- Bible & Quran: what they really say
- Pillars of Islam (Beliefs and Actions)

Running time: 36Min
DVD Chapters: 13

What's Islam (DVD)

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